Negative Tunes is an online recording studio that specializes in providing professional mixing and mastering services.


When we are working with music, it comes to life, and takes on a new depth and dimension of listening. We know that there is, currently, a lot of competition between bands, and because of this, professional production is necessary to help your music stand out in the flood of struggling bands. Nowadays, a musical recording is like a business card. It must be professional and memorable. Many bands desire to find and make their own sound identity, and because of that, we are trying to promote their uniqueness and originality.


Essentially, we will work together to reach an outcome that satisfies both the needs of the band, as well as the standards and requirements of the market. With our knowledge and "know-how" of foreign production, we know that sound processing technology is always evolving. Therefore, we are constantly monitoring the development of contemporary sound trends, so we can easily adapt to them.


Praha, Česká republika, Negative Tunes, Nahrávací studio


Mixing is the most important process in the creation of an audio recording. Roughly stated, mixing is the combination of individual sound tracks. Its all about balancing their volumes, and choosing suitable dynamics and frequency balance. Precise technical process and added value, which is the art of the sound engineer, guarantees a perfect reflection of the feelings of the musicians. For the consumer, it provides a great listening experience and a connection with the music. The word "mixing" is often confused with "mastering", which is another process of the musical recording.


(Learn how to prepare your data before submitting it for mixing HERE)


Praha, Česká republika, Negative Tunes, Nahrávací studio


Mastering is the final process of audio recording before its sent to be procuded and distributed. This process involves the last adjustments of the stereo mixdown using corrective equalization, dynamic compression, saturation, and modification of the stereo widths and limitations, so the musical recording sounds good in basic listening conditions. In other words, mastering is the process where musical recordings become a juicy mass of sound. Mastered recordings sound great in all types of headphones or speakers. Nowadays, there is more than one type of music distribution, the most common being digital. Because of this, we are mastering your music material for CD usage, as well as for iTunes, etc.


(Learn how to prepare your data before submitting it for mastering HERE)

Praha, Česká republika, Negative Tunes, Nahrávací studio


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